Gastric bypass has been available for some years now and many famous faces, and their bodies, have felt the great effects of drastic weight loss. Here are some great examples:


Roseanne Barr underwent gastric bypass surgery in 1998, and ended up losing lost over 80 pounds. She also had breast reduction surgery to alleviate her back pain, which added to her slimmed down look.

American Idol judge Randy Jackson had gastric bypass surgery in 2003 and has lost 110 pounds since then. Being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes diagnosis influenced his decision to have the surgery. At his heaviest Jackson weighed 355 pounds.

TV personality Star Jones denied for many years that she had had gastric bypass surgery, often directly denying the rumors when asked. However, she changed her position in a Glamour magazine interview in 2007, sharing that she had used gastric bypass surgery to lose 160 pounds.

Diego Maradona, the former professional soccer player, had a tendency to put on weight due to a luxurious lifestyle. In 2005 he received gastric bypass surgery and lost weight very rapidly afterwards.

Sharon Osbourne underwent gastric bypass surgery in 1999 and lost over 100 pounds. Osbourne said to People magazine in 2007 that she was planning on reversing the surgery, and wanted to rely on psychotherapy to control her eating problems.

Carnie Wilson is one of the biggest gastric bypass success stories around. The Wilson Phillips singer had always been heavy, but after having gastric bypass surgery in 1999 she proceeded to lose over 150 pounds. Since then she has had lap band surgery after having two children and putting on weight. In 2011 she weighed 236lbs. Carnie has lost 32lbs since the lap band surgery and currently weighs 204lbs.

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