April is Alcohol Awareness Month, where healthcare organizations raise awareness of the down sides of alcohol, of the importance of drinking responsibly and the risks of alcohol dependence. At Weight Loss Surgery Mexico we are here to offer you advice on weight gain and effective weight loss surgery procedures. We all know that alcohol contains calories, but its effect on our weight goes much further than that.  First you need to understand the effect that Alcohol has on your metabolism.

Alcohol doesn’t have any nutritional value, meaning it gives you ‘empty calories’. Because your body can’t store alcohol it has to burn it off straight away. The process of metabolizing alcohol can have a negative effect on our metabolic system, which can cause weight gain.

Metabolizing Alcohol

The impact that alcohol has on health starts with the way in which your body processes, or metabolizes it.  Many people drink to feel drunk, or because they enjoy the sensation of relaxation often associated with alcohol. However, few people understand exactly why they feel that way after drinking.

Our bodies can’t store to alcohol so, as soon as it enters your system, your body prioritizes metabolizing it above metabolizing proteins, carbohydrates and fat. On entering the stomach, 20% of alcohol is absorbed straight into the blood stream and within minutes your brain will feel the stimulant effects of the drink.  The other 80% of the alcohol goes to the intestines, where it is absorbed. Some alcohol is secreted through your sweat, saliva, urine and breath, which is why it is detectable with a breathalyzer.

The liver is the main site for alcohol metabolism, which is why high alcohol consumption can cause liver damage.

Alcohol and Blood Sugar Levels

An important job of your metabolism is to keep your blood sugar level constant. Blood sugar, or blood glucose level, is the amount of glucose in our blood at a given time. One of the first jobs that your metabolism ditches to process alcohol is blood sugar maintenance. Alcohol consumption therefore inhibits blood glucose production and, in prolonged heavy drinkers, can lead to glucose intolerance and diabetes.  Eating on an empty stomach causes even more havoc on your blood sugar levels and can cause excess hunger and excess storage of sugar.

Fluctuating blood sugar levels can lead to complications, which can be exacerbated by being overweight. For many people who are struggling to lose weight and maintain weight loss, and for those who have diabetes or prediabetes, weight loss surgery can be the answer. Weight loss surgery can be a good way for an obese person to get on the right path to sufficient weight loss to improve health outcomes.

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