Here we continue the countdown to British Dieticians’ top 5 worst celebrity diets.

At Number 3…. The Party Girl IV Drip Diet

What does it involve?

Originally used as treatment for severely malnourished patients, people can now go to a private clinic for an intravenous drip containing vitamins and minerals to boost them through their diet. This diet is used by celebrities for quick weight loss.

What the BDA says

There is no evidence to support the diet. What’s more the process of eating and the way nutrients are presented in food make them more accessible to the body. In many cases, vitamin supplements can’t compete with getting the real thing from a healthy, low fat, balanced meal.

At Number 2 it’s the KEN (Ketogenic Enteral Nutrition) Diet

What does it involve?

The KEN diet involves eating nothing  but having a liquid dripped into the stomach through a plastic tube that goes up the patient’s nose. The tube is activated by a pump which delivers two litres of the formula to the stomach over each 24 hour period. KEN dieters  have to be hooked up to the tube, carried via a backpack in the day or hung by the bed at night, for 23 hours in the day and can drink water, black tea or coffee or herbal teas.

What the BDA says

This diet forces the body into “controlled starvation” so that it uses its own fat sources for energy. Reports say that KEN dieters can lose up to 10% of their body fat for every ten days on the diet. Naso-gastric tubes are usually only used by the seriously ill and it is shocking that people are taking such measures in order to lose weight.

These top diets all seem pretty extreme and it is very unlikely that any normal person would even think of taking such measures, let alone have access to them, to lose weight.

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