Do you ever feel like you are always dieting, always watching what you eat but never actually losing weight and keeping it off? Three new studies showed that, instead of cutting down on food and losing weight, women often end up eating the same number of calories when they are on a diet as when they are not on a diet.

The study showed that the calorific intake of frequent dieters was much the same as that of women who didn’t diet. There was, however, one big difference: the ‘dieting’ women felt much guiltier about the food they ate.

Three separate studies show that women who were always counting their calories were robbed of enjoying their food, even though they consumed the same amount of calories as those women who never dieted.  On assessing weight loss, calorie intake and emotions, it was found that, of the women studied, the dieters were more prone to weight fluctuation as well as the emotional strain attributed to ‘failed’ dieting and guilt over enjoying food.

Effective Weight Loss Solutions

Whilst many people have success with diets, many more lose weight only to put it back on again, or get stuck in a dieting rut. Diets don’t always work, as the emotional and psychological factors involved in what we eat, when we eat and how much we eat aren’t accounted for.

At Weight Loss Surgery Mexico we offer a range of weight loss packages to cover the very specific needs of each and every patient. What’s more, we offer on-going nutritional and psychological support to our patients. This enables individuals to alter their eating habits and their approach to food, for life.

Weight loss surgery can restrict stomach capacity by reducing the size of the stomach, for example, the gastric sleeve procedure, or bypass some of the digestive tract so that not all of the food consumed is absorbed into the body and stored as fat, as with the gastric bypass procedure. Both types of procedure reduce the amount of food that is processed by the body and stored, meaning that existing energy (fat) stores are taken from the body, causing the individual to lose weight.

Changing Habits for Good

Weight loss surgery does more than help you to lose weight. The alteration to stomach size means that you don’t want to eat more. The receptors in the stomach that tell your brain that you are hungry are activated much earlier, meaning that you feel full more quickly and feel generally less hungry.  This immediately enables you to overcome the feeling of constant hunger associated with regular dieting. Coupled with our comprehensive diet and nutrition plans and personal support from a nutritionist, weight loss surgery with Weight Loss Mexico is a safe, long-lasting, low cost and effective way to lose weight and to change your lifestyle, not just for today, or tomorrow, but for life.

If you are tired of constantly trying to lose weight and would like to know about the best weight loss surgery procedure for you, contact us today for a free call back from our of our qualified, US-based weight loss consultants.