weightloss exerciseIf you have already had weight loss surgery you will be aware of the health risks of being overweight and the benefits of having surgery to help you lose that weight. It can be a long journey, with physical and emotional ups and downs. But even once you get to your target weight it is important that you continue to take care of yourself by keeping healthy with a good diet and regular exercise.
Regular exercise is a crucial part of staying healthy. Being fit isn’t just about being slim; it’s about being healthy on the inside and the outside. Your weight loss surgery will give you a great start but you need to keep going. You need to be doing some kind of aerobic exercise (where you get out of breath) 5 times a week for at least 30 minutes. To begin with it may just mean more walking; wherever possible, instead of driving, try walking instead. If you take the bus get off one stop early and walk the rest of the way. You will be surprised how quickly things that were a challenge become a walk in the park (literally!). Build up from here, once you are comfortable walking for half an hour, try jogging a bit too.

How it works

Most of us know that doing any kind of exercise needs more energy than not doing any exercise. So going for a run or walk burns extra calories. If you are on a diet too then you are probably not eating enough calories to sustain your current weight, so instead you burn fat.

What people don’t always know is that doing regular exercise doesn’t just make your body burn more fat while you are exercising but it increases your metabolic rate too so that you burn more energy all of the time, even when you are resting.

By taking regular exercise after your surgery, even if it is just walking to begin with, you will increase your rate of weight loss, help maintain your target weight when you get there and, most of all, make yourself healthier on the inside and the outside.

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