While we all know exercise is good for us and is an important part of maintaining a healthy weight or to achieving weight loss success, often fear of feeling inept or embarrassed keeps us from going to the gym. Being fearful about going to the gym is not unique to any age group or body type, but is especially difficult for those who are obese. These preconceived fears can often be overcome with a few simple steps and leap to get started.

Familiarity trumps Fear

Fear is often caused by the unknown, so the best defense is to get to know your gym. If you are looking at joining a gym, go in for a tour and sign-up for a free week. During your week, make the best of it by asking the staff for guidance.  Even if you simply observe, you will begin to learn the layout and rhythm of the gym.  When you join the gym, whether getting back to the gym or adding it as a part of your post weight loss surgery plan, sign up for a few personal trainer sessions so you can learn how to use and get the most of the machines available. Knowing what you’re doing will help you to feel more comfortable and confident.  If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask the staff, they are there to help and make your experience a positive one.

Face your fears with a friend

Facing your fears is always easier with a friend by your side. Consider finding a gym buddy who will make entering the gym easier, challenge your workouts and keep you accountable for coming back! Try going to the gym during off-peak hours if  you can; the gym will be less busy allowing you to focus on your workout, try out new equipment while feeling less self-conscious.

The gym is busy and you need a confidence booster? Try plugging in to your favourite upbeat music as studies show music increases motivation and focus during a workout.

Gym Etiquette

Every gym has them, the people who are messy, hog machines, talk on their cell phones or make lots of noise. Avoid being labeled as a ‘slob, hog, space invader, or super-talker’ at the gym by following simple fitness club etiquette – be clean, considerate and cheerful. Ultimately, if you follow those three simple rules you will be a positive addition to your club and hopefully others will treat you in the same manner.

Commit to it

Set out what you plan to do at the gym before you get there and stick to it.  Knowing your goals ahead of time can help you accomplish them and stick to them for the long term.  This is especially important for those who are overweight or have undergone weight loss surgery such as gastric bypass surgery or gastric band surgery. The exercise will help with both the weight loss and muscle toning.

Finally, don’t be afraid to sweat!  You are not there to look great, you are there to make yourself feel great and part of that requires sweating.

Taking that first step to go to the gym, especially if you are overweight, can be a difficult one. It can be a scary step to go outside your comfort zone. By following these steps and tips you can add working out at the gym as a part of your regular routine.  Once you do, you’ll become addicted and love the effect it has on you and even enjoy going regularly. That first step is even more difficult if you are obese, making it difficult to exercise and therefore difficult to lose weight. For some people, weight loss surgery, such as gastric band surgery or gastric bypass surgery can get you on the right path to losing weight. The quick weight loss and health benefits of weight loss surgery mean that you will be able to become more active more quickly. To learn more about about our wide range of weight loss surgery procedures, contact us today.