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Gastric Banding Surgery Recovery

What will Gastric Band Surgery Recovery be like?

Just like, with any other surgery there is a lap band recovery period after the procedure.  Patients can often recover in the comfort of their own home or in a hotel before the surgeon releases them for post-surgery travel.  Most gastric band surgeries only require one or two nights in the hospital for recovery before the patient is released to recover in a hotel or in their own home.

You may experience some pain after the surgery and the medical professionals caring for you will give you the proper medicine to help relieve this pain.  Patients must also get up and walk around a little every few hours to help keep the blog from clotting in their legs.  Most patients will have a catheter, which will stay in place for one full day after the surgery.  The catheter, along with the tool used to drain the stomach pouch could create discomfort, but any severe pain is prevented with the use of pain killers.

Patients cannot eat during the first few days of lap band recovery.  The stomach needs time to heal, and after a couple of days, a 4 week meal plan will begin.  This starts with consuming liquids, and then graduates to pureed foods.  After a few weeks, the patient will finally get to eat small amounts of solid foods.

While going through lap band recovery, patients’ needs sound nutritional guidance.  They must consume the proper nutrients and minerals and since they cannot eat like they did before, a strict diet will help keep them on track.  Since the stomach can only hold about an ounce of food immediately after surgery, the patient must get used to eating many small meals throughout the day.  This helps them avoid vomiting and experiencing any serious pain.

Patients will need to learn to eat slowly and should avoid drinking and eating at the same times.  The new diet they must adhere to will some getting used to, and this is part of the weight-loss journey they have decided to take.

Angeles Health provides ongoing help with your dietary needs and with the lap band recovery period.  The professional team of physicians, case managers, and nutritionists will support you and provide answers for any questions you may have along the way.  They can provide you with dietary necessities, address any nutrition issues you may have, and help to ensure you avoid most of the side effects of gastric band surgery.