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Gastric Banding Surgery Risks

What are the Risks of Gastric Band Surgery?

Major surgery always comes with some risks and weight-loss surgery is no different.  Both long and short-term lap band surgery risks need to be considered before making the decision to go through with the surgery.  This is a serious medical procedure and the decision should not be taken lightly since the risks are very serious.

With any type of surgery, there are always some general risks like, infection, injury, dehydration, an allergic reaction to a medication, bleeding, pain, vomiting, and a few other basic risks.  Anybody considering surgery to help lose weight should first research the specific procedure and understand all the potential lap band risks.

Do Your Research

Taking the time to do proper research and discover all the risks associated with any weight loss surgery will allow you to make the right decision.  The last thing you want to do is regret the decision you make.  This type of medical procedure is life changing.  Take the time to consider all the short term and long-term risks before making your final decision.

The Potential Long Term Lap Band Risks include:

  • Erosion of the band into the stomach
  • Slippage of the band from persistent vomiting

When you choose the Angeles Health network for your gastric band surgery, we discuss all the potential risks with you.  We will answer any questions you have and make sure you can make the right decision to help you achieve your weight-loss goals.

Weight loss surgery, just like any other surgery comes with some risks.  Some of these risks are general and found in nearly every type of surgery, while others are specific to this type of weight-loss surgery.  Those considered obese need to weight each lap band risk discussed and the current health issues from their excessive weight gain.  With lap band surgery, you can eliminate or at least greatly reduce certain health risks, like arthritis and diabetes.