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Gastric Sleeve Plication Risks

What Risks Are There?

With any weight-loss surgery, there are risks.  However, some are more severe than others are and the most risky thing you will find with gastric sleeve plication might be the lack of information available about the surgery.  This is a very new procedure that mimics the gastric sleeve surgery.  The difference is, instead of removing part of the stomach with gastric sleeve plication, sutures are used to make the stomach smaller without removing any of it.

Many believe the gastric sleeve plication risks are not nearly as severe as other weight-loss surgeries.  With a lack of data out there, to show whether risks really do exist or not, it’s hard to know what to expect.  There have been a very small amount of cases that led to complications, and they are not much different from the complications seen with lap band surgery or sleeve surgery.

Since there is no open wound or any type of medical device actually inserted into the body, the risks are much less than other surgeries.  Sleeve plication surgery is also reversible, which means if something does go wrong, the surgeon can fix it much easier.  Unlike with gastric sleeve surgery, this is not reversible at all.

Potential Gastric Sleeve Plication Risks

  •     Leaking (can lead to reoperation or urgent medical intervention)

Gastric plication surgery is very new and not performed by many doctors around the world.  This causes the lack of data about the risks, but with patients receiving this surgery, complications have only been seen in rare cases.  Most of the complications reported was the result of a new or inexperienced surgeon performing the actual operation.

Choosing a top surgical team with plenty of experience can help to lessen the risks of gastric sleeve plication surgery.  Just like with any surgery, you will also run the risk of allergic reactions to medication, infection, heart attack, stroke, blood clots or blood loss, and other minor risks associated with major surgery.

However, since this operation is non-invasive the risks are minimal.  With no need to cut the stomach, remove anything from your body, or insert any type of device, many of the normal risks of surgery are lessened or even eliminated.

Angeles Health will discuss all the risks with you, along with providing a top surgical team to perform the operation.  Headed by a top ten weight-loss surgeon in the world, you can rest easy knowing your procedure will be performed by one of the best.  Just by choosing a top surgical team with proper medical facilities, you will lessen your gastric sleeve plication risks.