stk156566rkeIn 2012, Rex Ryan talked about his weight loss surgery experience and how it had changed his relationship with food and his lifestyle, as well as dramatically changing his appearance. Now another familiar face of America is reaping the health (and social) benefits of weight loss surgery. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has shown he is a winner when it comes to weight loss, having passed the half way mark for his weight loss goal.

Governor Christie underwent gastric banding surgery in February 2013. The lowest risk weight loss surgery, gastric banding is also responsible with the slowest weight loss; patients will typically lose around 1-2 pounds a week. However, the Governor shows that this is no bad thing; his weight loss has been slow and steady. Although he refused to discuss specific numbers in his recent interview with CBS news, Christie confirmed that he was “more than half way to his goal”.

About Gastric Lap Band Surgery

Usually performed laparoscopically, gastric band surgery involves applying a silicone band to the stomach, making the food capacity of the stomach smaller. This means that patients who have had the surgery are able to eat less than before and feel fuller for longer. The advantage of this surgery is that the band can be adjusted, to make it tighter or looser, according to the individual’s needs.

Unlike the weight loss surgery procedures that show more dramatic weight loss, gastric bypass and gastric sleeve, gastric band surgery has a quick recovery time and enables busy individuals like Christie to get back in the game soon after surgery.

Although Governor Christie is staying relatively quiet about his surgery, his diet and his weight loss so far, it is quite clear that the lap band surgery is working for him, slowly but surely. Whilst he confirms that his appetite has changed since surgery, he doesn’t believe his size should affect his political career, maintaining that his physical appearance should not contribute to or diminish his ability to do his job.

Whether his weight loss will impact on voters’ opinions amid speculation as to whether Christie will run for President is uncertain. One thing is for sure, however; Christie is a winner when it comes to losing weight.

About Weight Loss Surgery Mexico

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