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Green Zone Lap Band Risks

What Are the Risks with Green Zone Lap Band?

With any surgery there are always risks.  However, with some surgeries the risks are much less, than others are.  Green zone surgeries help to lessen the risks because the surgeon uses EndoFlip technology to gain an accurate measurement of the stomach.  This helps the surgeon precisely perform the lap band surgery making sure the band is tightened for a perfect fit with every patient.

The green zone lap band surgery risks are minimal compared to traditional gastric lap band surgery.  Since the surgeon can fit the band specifically to every patient, there is less chance of complications after and during surgery.  Many believe this technology is the greatest advancement to come along for weight-loss surgeries yet because it helps to eliminate many risks by providing an accurate measurement of the stomach.

You won’t have to worry about the same risks that come along with traditional gastric lap band surgery since this will be much more precise.  However, there are still risks involved and you should get all your questions and concerns addressed before you decide to go through with the procedure.  Our team at Angeles Health will make sure all your questions are answered before your surgery.

Also Consider the Benefits

When considering the risks of a weight-loss surgery, you must also consider the benefits.  The right surgery for you can help you lose the excess weight you now have and can lessen the risk of obesity related diseases like sleep apnea, diabetes, and other health issues caused by excessive weight gain.  This can help you live a more enjoyable life without as much worry.

There are many things to consider when thinking about a weight-loss medical procedure.  You need to consider all that is involved and not just the green zone lap band risks.  Do your own research and make sure you ask all the necessary questions before you make your final decision.  Even if you have questions after your surgery, you can use the support team at Angeles Health to get the answers you need.

With a green zone surgery, however, you won’t need to worry about nearly as many risks and the recovery time is far less than a traditional surgery.  This procedure is offered in clinical trials through Angeles Health and will not cost nearly as much as it will in a United States hospital.  Our top surgical team will make sure you get all the care you need and will minimize the potential risks of the surgery.