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Greenzone Gastric Plication Surgery Cost

You Inclusive Medical Travel Package

The newest of the bariatric surgeries is also one of the most affordable.  The green zone gastric plication surgery costs are much lower than most of the other weight-loss surgeries due in large part to the non-invasive techniques used.  Since the surgeon doesn’t need to cut the stomach, remove any portion of it, or detach anything from it, the recovery time is shorter.  This cuts the cost down significantly because you don’t need to stay in the hospital for five days or longer.

Angeles Health is proud to offer world-class care for only $6,500

With the green zone surgery, you only need one or two nights in the hospital to recover.  This time is mainly used to allow the surgical team to make sure your body reacts positively to the surgery and you are on the right track with your recovery.  Your body won’t require the months of recovery at home, like with other surgeries of this nature, either.

Dr Lopez CorvalaEndoFlip – Reducing your Risks

With the EndoFlip technology used in green zone surgeries, the surgeon can precisely measure your stomach to ensure the sleeve is the right size for each patient the first time.  This will reduce the risk and complications that cause you to go back to the doctor for emergency care.  With less risk and less of a chance of complication, you won’t need to spend extra money on a second surgery.

Whats Included?

  • All Pre-op & Post-op exams
  • All Surgeon & Anesthesiologist Fees
  • All Hospital & Nursing Fees
  • 2 night hospital stay + 1 night hotel if needed
  • Round trip ground transportation to and from the San Diego airport
  • Your procedure performed with the registered Crospon EndoFlip® system

Additional Information

Unlike with other weight-loss surgeries that require up to 5 nights in the hospital and another 10 nights in a nearby hotel, you will only stay for one or two nights in the hospital before you are released. This keeps the gastric sleeve plication cost down and helps you get the surgery you need to help you reach your weight loss goal.

With less recovery, time involved you save money, but you also can get on with losing weight much sooner. Since this is a very new procedure, many studies have not been published yet. However, patients that received this surgery from Angeles Health are showing similar weight loss results as gastric bypass surgery within the first 6-12 months.

Most weight-loss surgeries cost between $20,000 and $30,000 in the United States.  However, they can all be performed at a significant discount with a medical travel package from Angeles Health.  Most surgeries can be performed for between 50% and 75% off the US price.  With this specific surgery, it is hard to say how much you will save because it is only available on a very limited trail basis in the United States and from Angeles Health.

You can rest easy knowing your surgical team performs this surgery regularly.  They are responsible for training many of the US surgeons learning proper suturing techniques for plication surgery.  Our surgical team is one of the top ten in the world and is one of the few with the ability to perform green zone operations.

The travel package you get from Angeles Health will include all your hospital and surgeon fees, up to two nights in the hospital, round trip transportation from the San Diego Airport to our private hospital, all standard lab work, a pre-surgery consultation (if necessary), and a one-year post-procedure support program.  This will give you everything you need to ensure you recover properly and stay on track towards your weight loss goals.


Please note that the green zone gastric plication surgery at Angeles Health International is not covered by private medical insurance nor medicare nor medical in the United States. This is subject to your insurance provider and the terms of the your insurance coverage. For further information please contact your insurer.