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Greenzone Gastric Plication Surgery Risks

Understanding the Risks

With any surgery, there are always risks, but with different types of surgery, the risks are minimal.  Since gastric plication surgery is less invasive than gastric bypass or gastric sleeve surgery, it comes with fewer risks.  The green zone gastric plication risks are minimal because of the way the surgery is performed.

When you go under the knife for a gastric bypass or gastric sleeve surgery, it actually involves cutting and removing.  This means there are risks of infection, complications, heart attack, and even death.  Your stomach could leak with a sleeve surgery and you could have other issues with either of these surgeries that are very serious.

However, when you opt for the green zone surgeries, they don’t need to go in and cut anything away from your stomach.  This is a non-invasive surgery that uses the EndoFlip device to ensure your new stomach size fits perfectly for your body shape and size.  The customization of your stomach size allows for less complications and risks.

With plication surgery, no part of the stomach is removed.  This means you don’t have nearly the risks of more invasive surgeries.  The surgeon also, won’t need to insert any medical device into your stomach.  This eliminates the need for your body to adjust to having a device like a lap band inside your body.

There will always be some risks with any type of weight-loss surgery, but the green zone gastric plication risks are very minimal.  You should always discuss any potential risks or complications with your surgeon before going through with the procedure.  However, you should know that there won’t be nearly as much to discuss with a green zone surgery.

Most patients will only need one or two nights in the hospital and the recovery time will be much less than other surgeries.  Green zone surgeries are very new and available on a clinical trial basis through Angeles Health.  By choosing a top surgical team, like the one offered through Angeles Health, you will eliminate any risks that come with an inexperienced surgeon.

Dr. Lopez Corvala is a top bariatric surgeon and actually teaches other surgeons how to use proper suture techniques with gastric plication surgery.  With a medical package from Angeles Health, you can lessen the risks of any complication and you can use the surgery many believe is the best choice for weight loss to reach your goals.