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What to expect after Greenzone Gastric Plication Surgery

Quicker Recovery, Less Complications

When deciding to go through with a weight-loss surgery, it is important to understand what to expect after the surgery.  All bariatric surgeries are similar, but also different in many ways.  Some require a longer amount of recovery and different steps to allow the body to adjust to the surgery.  You need to know what to expect after green zone gastric plication surgery before the procedure is performed.

You will spend one or two nights in the hospital after your surgery, which allows the surgical team to make sure everything went as planned.  They can monitor your body and make sure you are recovering properly.  Since this is a non-invasive surgery, you won’t need to stay in the hospital very long compared to the other surgeries for weight-loss.

After Leaving Hospital

After leaving the hospital, you will experience some soreness and discomfort for about the first week.  Your surgeon may prescribe medicine to help with the discomfort.  It will only take about two weeks to recover and get back to your normal day-to-day activities.  With other surgery choices, it can take months to get back to normal because of the open wounds created during surgery.  This is not an issue with plication surgery since no cutting or removing is necessary.

You will be put on a strict liquid diet for the first two or three weeks to help your body adjust to the new size of your stomach.  After the first few weeks, you will introduce pureed foods and gradually start to introduce solid foods again.  Since no part of the stomach is removed, you won’t experience the possible issues with absorbing nutrients associated with other surgeries.

Patients after green zone gastric plication surgery will need to stick to a strict diet because of the new stomach size.  The Angeles Health team will help guide you through these changes and will answer any questions you have as you learn to eat smaller portions.  You will also need to eat slower and learn not to drink and eat at the same time

These restrictions, after surgery, will help lead you to the weight loss you want.  The adjustments may not be easy, but they will be worth it considering a surgery of this nature can help you avoid many health issues related to obesity, like diabetes.  Many patients have questions after surgery and our team will be there to support you in any way necessary.