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What to expect from Greenzone Gastric Plication Surgery

Greenzone Surgery – Better Control & Lower Risk of Complications

Take the guessing out of the ‘right’ size

Green Zone weight loss surgery utilizes the EndoFLIP, a digital medical device from manufacturer CROSPON. The EndoFLIP is an FDA approved device that uses non-radiographic imaging to measure cross sectional area and volume of the stomach and gastrointestinal tract in real time.

This means that there is no guessing about the “right” size for your band or plication. EndoFLIP® allows a surgeon to set a consistent stoma diameter at surgery for every patient, which minimizes the risk of the band, pleat or staple line being too tight….or too loose post-surgery.

Since this is a newer weight-loss surgery and only available on a trial basis through Angeles Health and a few United States hospitals, there are not nearly as many studies out there providing results.  However, the current clinical trials can help to answer any questions associated with what to expect from green zone gastric plication surgery.

Out of all the weight-loss surgeries, most surgeons believe this is the most accurate.  Since it uses the EndoFlip device to measure the stomach and allow the surgeon to customize the size of the stomach for each patient, it allows for the possibility of better results for every patient.  The device allows the surgeon to create a precise stomach size perfect for each specific patient.

This surgery is also a non-invasive and reversible surgery, so the risks are much lower than with other types of bariatric surgeries.  With less actual recovery time, you will be back to your normal routine within just a few weeks.  This helps you get on with your life without giving up many weeks or months to recover from major surgery.

You will need to change the way you eat and follow a specific diet to ensure you get the results you want from the surgery.  The diet will start with liquids and work up to solid foods over time.  This helps to allow your body to adjust to the new stomach size and will allow you to lose weight with lees caloric intake.

Trial patient’s results show that most patients will lose about 70% of their excess weight within the first year.  This is very comparable to other gastric surgeries and lap band surgery.  Most patients are expected to lose all of their excess weight after about two years after the procedure.  The results are comparable, if not better, than other weight-loss surgeries.

With Angeles Health, you can expect the support of our professional team for a full year after your surgery.  Our team will help answer any questions you have and will guide you towards your weight-loss goals with the right diet and exercise regimen.  We will be there every step of the way to make sure you stay on track and don’t experience some of the possible complications.

Knowing you have professionals to help you after your surgery can help ease your mind.  You can even get any answers you may have about what to expect from green zone gastric plication surgery answered before you decide to go through with this medical procedure.