175292456Meditation can’t help you to burn fat. The only way to lose weight is to eat less energy than your body needs. This will cause your body to access fat stores in order to function, and help you to lose weight. Meditation can, however, change the way that you think about food and help you to deal with the emotions and stress that are often linked to over eating.

In Could Meditating Help You Lose Weight?  We looked at how meditation can aid your weight loss. Here are 3 simple tips to help you to meditate to lose weight.

  1. The quick de-stress.  Stress is a key contributor to increase in appetite, cravings and weight gain. If you are feeling stressed and reaching for the comfort food, take a couple of minutes to de-stress. With luck, and practice, you may find the cravings have gone by the time you have finished.  Sit silently, with your back straight in an upright position. Think about your breathing, your heart, and breathe deeply, aware of every breath in and out. Continue to do this for two or three minutes, feeling your stresses slip away with each breath.
  2. Think about your cravings. By becoming more aware of your cravings, what you are craving and how it makes you feel, you will gradually learn to understand why you crave certain food. This understanding can lead you to be able to overcome your cravings, allowing them to pass without giving in to them. As this happens, you will probably find that your cravings for unhealthy food will subside.

When you feel hungry or crave something specific, ask yourself the question “how am I really feeling?”. Try to answer yourself honestly. The answer may be “I am just downright hungry!” in which case try to make the right food choices, opting for healthy, low fat food with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. If your answer is stress, sadness, boredom, anxiety or tiredness, try to distract yourself, take a few minutes out to meditate and take control of your emotions.

        3.       Eat slowly and enjoy every mouthful. When we are very hungry, feeling strong emotions or distracted we eat without even thinking about the food that we are eating. Reading a book, grabbing lunch or a snack whilst working, watching the television or on the phone are all activities that distract us from the task in hand. Remove all distractions and notice the flavor and texture of your food.  Make sure you chew slowly and finish each mouthful before starting the next one. You will notice when you are full, stop eating when you have had enough and enjoy your food more. What’s not to love about that?!

Losing weight can be tough. Thinking about what you eat and understanding why you crave food can really help you when you are being challenged by a diet or new eating program. But sometimes you need a little help to get yourself on track. This is where weight loss surgery comes in. It isn’t a magic cure for obesity but it can help people who need to lose weight in order to improve their health, appearance and quality of life.

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