Should you have weight loss surgery?Most people have dieted at some point in their lives, some with more success than others. There are various theories about reasons for over eating, from stress factors to lack of education on what is the right food to eat, or just habit. However you got to the point of being overweight, the thing to focus on now is how to improve your health and quality of life by losing that weight.

But it’s not always that simple! You may be at a point where you WANT to become healthier and you know the health risks involved in gaining more weight and continuing your less than healthy lifestyle. But if you have tried to diet before you will know that it’s not always that easy.

With the psychological and physical changes required for dramatic weight loss in overweight people, sometimes weight loss surgery can be the answer. It isn’t a quick fix and still requires a responsible attitude towards food; it is still possible for people who have had weight loss surgery to put on weight. However, it gives you a head start in two ways: it shrinks the size of your stomach so that you feel full more quickly and the mental process of considering the procedure, going through it and paying for it means that you will come out of theater with more determination to succeed.

If you decide that weight loss surgery is right for you there are a range of procedures available, depending on your weight, lifestyle and requirements.