reasons to have lap band surgery

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As well as the many health benefits of weight loss surgery in general, there are some distinct advantages to lap band surgery. If lap band surgery is the weight loss surgery recommended to you, you can be confident that, with the appropriate follow-on support and permanent lifestyle changes, you will lose weight quickly and soon start to enjoy the many health benefits of weight loss surgery.

Below are just a few of the advantages of Gastric Lap Band ®:

1. You will still be able to eat good, healthy, nutritious food.

2. Food will still be digested normally by your body but the creation of the pouch will slow the process down slightly. This will make you feel fuller for longer and optimize the levels of nutrients absorbed into your body.

3. The procedure is FDA approved, and well known as a safe, effective weight loss procedure.

4. The procedure is laparoscopic, meaning that it is performed through small incisions. This reduces scarring and recovery time.

5. The band can be removed or kept in for life. You decide!

6. The band can be adjusted to suit your needs. Restriction can be increased to increase weight loss rates or reduced to maintain your ideal weight.

The best way to make sure that you have chosen the right weight loss surgery for you is to approach a hospital that offers a wide range of weight loss surgery procedures. This way you can ensure that the procedure offered to you is the best one for you, and not the only one the hospital or clinic can perform.

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