Rob Ryan manages the Dallas Cowboys’ defensive line, yet this offseason he’s working on his own waistline by having Lap-Band surgery.

Two American football players at loggerheads

New York Jets coach Rex Ryan, who had the same procedure just before the 2010 season, spoke about his twin brother’s plan at the NFL Annual Meeting in Palm Beach, Fla.

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett did not comment on his defensive coordinator’s decision to have the weight loss surgery, but he said Rob Ryan has been at work and is not expected to miss any time during the offseason program, training camp or minicamp.

In 2011 Rex Ryan was unwell following a loss to the Broncos, causing him pain and prompting the team’s medical staff to take a look at the coach near Denver International Airport, where paramedics were also called to the scene.

But it seems Rex was not as unwell as everyone thought.

Rex Ryan told The Denver Post that he had been suffering with indigestion

“All along, I knew that was the case. However, our medical staff didn’t want to take any chances. Once I got to the airport, I felt better. It was no big deal. Believe me the loss to the Broncos hurt a lot worse than this did.”

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