Combatting cravingsAs party season gets into full swing, many of us are feeling the bulge already. It can be hard to cut calories, especially if you are eating out, or at a party. Choosing what to eat can be even harder if you have had weight loss surgery, such as lap band surgery or gastric bypass surgery. So here are our fantastic, weight loss surgery friendly, calorie saving food swaps to help you get through the party season:


Out with: potato chips and dips, in with: carrot sticks and low fat dips.

More often than not we use potato chips as a background for delicious dips, like hummus, yoghurt dips and salsa. By dropping the chips and opting for carrots and other vegetables instead you can keep the crunch but could save 200 calories a serving. If you’re not sure about the dips, stick to salsa or take your own to a party; fat free yoghurt with mint and cucumber is great, tasty and fat free.

Out with: ranch dressing, in with: hummus

There is a reason hummus has been mentioned twice; it’s low fat, full of antioxidants and fiber and is delicious! With so many flavors available in stores or to make at home, swapping ranch dressing for hummus will save you 150 calories a serving while still delivering on flavor. Trust us, you’ll never go back to the ranch!

Out with: pepperoni, in with: chicken sausage

On pizza and in sandwiches, by swapping these cold cuts you will halve your fat intake. Try to go for organic chicken sausages to ensure that you’re getting a great, low fat, healthy protein.

Out with: cheese, in with: avocado

By replacing cheese in sandwiches with avocado the benefits are far greater than a 35 calorie saving; you switch unhealthy saturated fats for heart healthy fats, loads of vitamin E and potassium. Great in sandwiches, spread on toast or as a dip, avocado is versatile and, whilst high in fats, it is, at least, high in good fats.

With the average American expected to consume a whopping 6,000 calories on Christmas Day, many people think it is inevitable to pile on the pounds over the holidays. These simple swaps will help you to keep your weight under control and take the stress out of festive parties. By taking your own offering of crudités, low fat cold cuts or low fat dips you can give your hosts a festive treat whilst ensuring that you will have something delicious to snack on at a party.

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