stk103113corWith America’s waistbands already a little bit tighter after Thanksgiving, most of us a probably a little bit scared of getting on the scales right now! There are lots of different approaches to managing weight gain, or maintaining weight loss over the holidays. Whether you are preparing for weight loss surgery, you are trying to lose weight, or you just don’t want to put on too much weight over the holidays, we have the one tip that you must stick too to control your weight through the party season.

Most people make all sorts of demands on themselves; to not eat too much, not drink too much, exercise more, avoid the carb/fat/sugar laden food at parties.  However, few of us successfully manage to stick to all these things; one glass of eggnog too many and these great intentions fly out of the window.  So instead of making a list of things NOT to do over the holiday period, here is one thing that you can do to help reduce the amount of weight you gain over the holidays…..


Ok, ok, that’s hardly a well-kept secret. We all know we should drink water. But even those of us who think we are getting enough hydration probably aren’t.  A 2% drop in hydration levels can make you feel hungry, make you overeat, feel bloated and gain weight. Here’s why:

  • Many of us mistake being thirsty for being hungry.
  • Dehydration causes your body to retain fluid, causing bloating.
  • Drinking too little fluid can cause constipation.

Many people make the mistake of drinking lots of water in the summer, but don’t think it is so important in the winter. In the cold we don’t sweat as much, which means we don’t feel as thirsty. We still need to drink lots of water though.  What’s more, holiday stress can lead to dehydration and dehydration can lead to higher levels of stress hormones, taking you into a vicious cycle of stress and dehydration.

Drinking plenty of water will improve the way you feel physically and mentally. It will help to reduce anxiety, can help ease depression and stress, as well as prevent headaches, bloating and food cravings. Here’s what to do:

  • Drink water before a meal. One study showed that people who drank two glasses of water before a meal lost four pounds more than those who didn’t drink anything.  Drink a large glass of room temperature water before you head out to a party; it will help you to resist the party food!
  • Drink water (not wine!) if you are thirsty. Alcohol and salty party foods can dehydrate you. If you are dehydrated, you feel thirsty, which leads you to drink more. And what drink is in your hand? More alcohol! Alternate one alcoholic drink with one glass of water to keep you hydrated and to prevent you from downing the Christmas spirits when you are thirsty.

How much is enough? There is no real scientific evidence to back up researchers’ reports that you should have 8 glasses a day. We are all different and lose different amounts of water according to our bodies and what we are doing. The only real way to tell if we are drinking the right amount of water is to judge by urine color; light colored urine equals healthy hydration, apple juiced colored urine means you need to get drinking the H2O.

Whether you have put the diet on hold for the holidays, if you have booked your gastric bypass, lap band surgery or gastric sleeve for the New Year, or if you just want to avoid gaining that dreaded permanent holiday pound, sipping water throughout the day and downing a glass before meals, snack attacks and before you drink alcohol will help you to feel better and look better.

At Weight Loss Surgery Mexico we are committed to helping people along their journey to their ideal weight. We know it’s not a walk in the park, and we know that at this time of the year weight loss and weight loss surgery, are the last things on many people’s minds. But by getting in touch now you can make plans for the New Year, for the New You. You never know, speaking to one of our US based case managers may be just the boost you need to keep hydrated and keep the weight off this Christmas.