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Treatment in Mexico – Addressing your Concerns

Addressing your concerns about treatment in Mexico

If we could, the majority of us would all be treated in a local hospital. However sometimes that’s not possible for a range of reasons – affordability, access to unique treatments or working with a leading surgeon.

If that sounds like you, we would ask you to consider treatment with us.  Angeles Health is  Mexico’s largest private hospital network, comprising of 24 state-of-the-art hospitals totaling more than 2,000 beds and 200 operating rooms. Eleven thousand Angeles Health physicians treat nearly five million patients a year. Our dedicated weight loss surgery centers are clean and modern and our bariatric surgeons are World Class.

That being said, we completely understand that you will have concerns about treatment abroad in Mexico – and we would like to address some of the most common questions we hear from our North American patients.

Will the doctors and medical staff speak English?

All our bariatric surgical team speak fluent English – in fact Dr Corvala, our lead bariatric surgeon has trained US surgeons regularly both in the USA as well as in Mexico.  We understand the need for clear communication in order to ensure safety as well as peace of mind during your treatment.

Is it clean and modern?

Angeles Health is Mexico’s largest private hospital network and our past patients have often comments on how clean and hygienic the facilities are. But better than us telling you this, please you will find a sample of 6 patient testimonials which directly address the cleanliness and hygiene of the hospital:-

Patient 1: “The hospital was very clean, the staff courteous, the doctor knowledgeable and friendly…”

Patient 2: “The Hospital: Clean, quiet, enormous…”

Patient 3: “The hospital was perfect…”

Patient 4: “The hospital was clean… the staff friendly…”

Patient 5: “The best hospital I have ever been too…


How will I get there?

Most of our North American weight loss patients are treated at our gated private hospital in the business district of Tijuana, Mexico. The hospital is just 20 minutes drive from San Diego International Airport in California. Our complimentary hospital shuttle will meet you in the arrivals hall at the airport, and from that point until you fly home, we will look after you every step of the way. You will be met on arrival at the hospital by an International Patient Coordinator who will admit you to the hospital, escort you to your private patient suite and then escort you to any necessary tests or appointments. After you surgery and when your surgeon has signed you off as fit to fly, our shuttle will return you to the airport for your trip home.

Who will actually perform my surgery?

All our bariatric procedures at our Hospital in Tijuana are undertaken by Dr Juan Corvala, one of the world’s leading bariatric surgeons. He will be supported by a team of physicians specialising in dietary requirements and an anaesthesiologist.  Dr Corvala is highly experience, personable, professional and speaks perfect English. You can see some of his past patients comments below.

Patient 1: “My research showed that Dr Corvala was the real deal…”

Patient 2: “Dr Corvala – I recommend him to everyone!”

Patient 3: “Dr Corvala was a great doctor”

Patient 4: “He teaches US surgeons on weight loss surgery procedures”

Patient 5: “A great experience with Dr Corvala and his team”


Is it safe to travel to Mexico?

Mexico has featured highly in the news lately, and many of our patients are concerns about their safety and security whilst in Mexico. Our Weight Loss Center at Hospital Angeles Tijuana is in a private, gated hospital complex in the business district which is modern, safe and highly Americanised. This, combined with our hospital shuttle service from San Diego Airport means that you are in our hands for the entire experience. Again, this is better explained by a past patient:

“(The Hospital is in) Tijuana’s Zona Rio…it’s Americanized enough not to be intimidating, though Mexican enough to give you a little taste of the country’s culture. Never did I feel unsafe or unwelcome. Every single person I met was kind and courteous, both inside the hospital and out.”


Have other Concerns?

Speak with one of our US based case managers today to address any other concerns you may have. They have  years for experience in supporting North American patients with their weight loss needs and you can rest assured our team will have been address every concern with past patients. Call today!