In this ABC news report celebrities lose weight through endorsement deals and reinvent their public persona and bank balance at the same time. Celebrities such as Jennifer Hudson, Jessica Simpson, Kirsty Alley, Valerie Burtonelli, Janet Jackson, Dan Marino, Jason Alexander (Seinfeld), Charles Berkley and others are reportedly making on average $33,000 dollars per pound lost! However, yo-yo dieting is often not sustainable, with many celebrities such as Kirsty Alley losing and gaining weight in an extreme way. In addition, for many overweight people diet and exercise alone is not enough and further interventions is required. Carnie Wilson for example has opted for weight loss surgery, having a lap-band procedure to help her lose gained weight.

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At Angeles Health we provide a range of weight loss surgery options, including lap band surgery. To find out more about our hospital, staff and previous patients’ experiences, please have a look around our website and fill in the form on the right to discuss which weight loss surgery is right for you.