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New research findings support the belief that weight loss surgery is an effective and long term treatment for diabetes. The study was presented on Friday at the third annual Metabolic Surgery Conference in South Africa and added yet more weight to the possibility of using weight loss surgery as an effective treatment for diabetes.

These findings added yet more support to growing amount of evidence that weight loss surgery is a lot more than just cosmetic surgery. As well as helping people to lose weight it stimulates hormone changes, reduces appetite and increases metabolism, all of which can put diabetes into remission.

What is diabetes?

Diabetes is a condition where too much sugar (glucose) is present in the blood.  Our bodies are dependent on insulin to process glucose in our blood. Type 1 diabetics are usually diagnosed in their childhood or teens and produce no insulin at all and need insulin injections to regulate their blood sugar levels. Type 2 diabetes is acquired later in life and is steadily on the rise as a result of the obesity epidemic.  Type 2 diabetics either don’t produce enough insulin to process the sugar in their blood, or their insulin doesn’t work properly.

There is currently no cure for diabetes within conventional medicine, although some alternative treatment programs have successfully sent diabetes into remission.

A Diabetes Cure?

Last week researchers showed their findings that around 90% of obese diabetic patients who have bariatric surgery will still be diabetes-free three years later. What’s more, in reversing diabetes, patients were automatically at a much lower risk of suffering from cardiovascular disease and strokes.

Finding the Link

The purpose of the study was to better understand exactly why weight loss surgery (in particular gastric bypass surgery) acts so quickly to reverse diabetes, in a way that is so much more effective than normal weight loss.

Although, anecdotally, there is a lot of evidence to support the many health benefits of weight loss surgery, as well as the physical and psychological benefits, on-going research is being conducted to find out exactly why weight loss surgery specifically has such a massive and long term impact on previously obese people’s health.

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