improve skin and hairAside from the health implications of excess weight gain, being overweight can affect women’s hormone levels. This can not only affect fertility but cause problems with hormone cycles, skin and hair. A study published earlier in 2012 set out to look at whether bariatric surgery could improve some of the hormonal complications experienced by overweight women by returning hormone levels to normal.

A high Body Mass Index BMI) can interfere with hormone production, causing obese women to produce more male hormones which can lead to disrupted menstrual cycles, skin and hair problems, including acne, hair loss (alopecia), excess hair growth and a condition called acanthosis nigricans, where folds and creases in the skin darken.

The study followed 126 women who were obese and intended to undergo weight loss surgery.  The women, aged between 18 and 49, with an average age of 39, had an average BMI of 46, far higher than the healthy level of 25. Of these women, 39% reported irregular periods and 22% reported that their periods had stopped, despite the fact that none of the women were classified as pre-menopausal, so irregularities in hormones were caused by their weight issues and not normal hormonal changes.

A year after their surgery the average BMI was 33 and 99% of the women who had reported problems with their menstrual cycle had returned to normal. Many of the women also saw a significant improvement in their skin and hair conditions; in some cases, the changes happened within a month of the surgery and after weight loss had begun.

The changes are all to do with the unnatural hormone levels that we reach when we are overweight.  These are problems that could just disappear with significant weight loss and, whilst they may seem insignificant in comparison to other health risks of obesity, such as hypertension, heart disease, diabetes and increased cancer risk, they can affect a woman’s confidence and emotional state, not to mention impacting on fertility.

Weight loss surgery isn’t a cure for infertility or hormonal problems but if the problems are caused by being overweight then they can be removed by removing the cause; excess weight.

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