133615745For many people who are obese, weight loss surgery feels like a last resort, something people do if they can’t lose weight by themselves because they don’t have the willpower or resources. Many people will wait, until after a big birthday, after their vacation and, especially at this time of year, after the holidays before making the call and finding out about weight loss surgery and how it could help them. This is one of the biggest misconceptions among people who want to lose weight. Here’s why:

  • Weight loss surgery isn’t a cheat, or an easy way out. It takes hard work and commitment; weight loss surgery is just the first step of many.
  •  There will always be a reason not to have weight loss surgery. By booking your surgery and having all of the pre-surgery assessments you will give yourself a set date. This will help you to enjoy the birthday/vacation/holiday more and could motivate you to lose a little weight before the surgery.
  • By putting off enquiring about weight loss surgery until after the holidays or after you have lost a few pounds, psychologically, you are blocking out something that is bothering you. This will make you feel dissatisfied, overeat and could make you gain more weight, instead of losing it!
  • Booking your weight loss surgery now will motivate you; give you something to work towards. A set date will help you to enjoy the moment, in the knowledge that this time next year you will look and feel different. Instead of saying “maybe in the New Year I will have booked my surgery” you will be able to say “this time next year I will have lost a lot of weight.”
  • Different weight loss surgeries have different recovery times; with a gastric band you could be back to work in 7-10 days, a gastric sleeve 2-3 weeks and gastric bypass may take a little longer (around 3-4 weeks). Knowing which surgery you will need and how long you will need to take off work will help you to plan the year ahead so that you won’t put off your life-changing surgery again in 2014 because you just don’t have enough time.

So if you are considering weight loss surgery after the holidays, why not contact us now? You can get the facts, find out which surgery would be best for you and be given some idea of when your surgery could be, and when you will be back on your feet again. As an added bonus you will even have a holiday in Mexico to look forward to!