I was blown away by the treatment I received at the hospital. To be honest I thought my coordinator was just saying that it was awesome…..It was more than she could have ever expressed. I flew to San Diego by myself for surgery. I was totally brave until the day I flew out. My coordinator (Laureli) took all my “last minute” question calls. She was on the phone with me when I landed in San Diego and until the driver (Rafael) picked me up.

A quick trip across the border and I walked into a beautiful lobby. It didn’t feel/look like a sterile hospital, it felt warm. I was immediately helped and walked through filling out paperwork. I had all my pre-op tests and 2.5 hours after I landed I was in my private room (suite). Dr. Corvala and his team visited with me that evening, the anesthesiologist came and talked to me and walked me through everything he was going to do, and off I went to sleep. The nursing staff was 1st rate…yes they don’t all speak fluent English, but they are more than willing to try to figure stuff out, and are on call at the touch of a button, with smiley faces.

The next morning I was wheeled to surgery. I started crying, and the nursing staff and the orderly did everything to cheer me up, they held my hand, and even danced and joked a little to get me to relax on the way to the operating room. I was taken to the operating room, and given happy drugs, and 1 minute later I was waking up. I stayed in the hospital for 2 days, had post-op testing and post-op care. Everyone always had a smile on their face and responded to my call in a matter of minutes.

The entire surgical team came to visit me in my room at least 2 times a day. It has been the best hospital experience of my life. if I ever need to have any other surgical procedure I will definitely consider Angeles Hospital as a first choice.