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Dr. Carmen Calleja

Angeles Hospital Physician Nutritionist


As the Physician Nutritionist on the Hospital Angeles Tijuana obesity surgery team, “Dr. Carmen” (as she is known to her patients) has worked with thousands of American weight loss surgery patients.

Dr. Carmen Calleja is our physician nutritionist on the Angeles Health weight loss surgery team.

“I have worked with 3,000 American bariatric patients. Learning how to understand the specialness of the obesity patient is critical. A doctor must be able to put themselves in a patient’s shoes, to be patient and understanding. We must be able to empathize with their worries. Patients get anxious, and you have to help them get over these barriers.”

In this video she talks about the benefits of Angeles Health patients working with a modern, fully equipped hospital, and a skilled weight loss team that specializes several procedures: LAP Band, gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, and the new reversible gastric sleeve plication, also known as gastric imbrication. She also talks about how the team manages potential risks during and after surgery.

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