weight loss mexicoFor many people seeking medical procedures such as weight loss surgery, becoming a medical tourist is a no-brainer; you can offset a proportion of your medical tourism costs by making the procedure part of your holiday. This is one of the many reasons why so many medical tourists from countries such as America and Canada come to Mexico for their weight loss surgery.

If you are considering weight loss surgery, you need to think about much more that the climate and the cost; your decision is likely to affect you for the rest of your life. By choosing the right hospital for weight loss surgery you will be able to guarantee safety in your surroundings, your medical facility and the care you receive before, during and after your procedure. However, choose the wrong clinic based solely on price and you run the risk of post-operative complications with little or no medical and emotional support after your procedure. Here we take a look at some of the elements that you should check out before booking your weight loss surgery in Mexico:

1.    Location. Some people are concerned about how safe Mexico is. However, safety has increased as the Mexican Government continue to promote their country as a safe location for all kinds of tourism, including medical tourism.  Regardless of safety concerns, the specific location of the weight loss clinics and hospitals that you are researching is crucial; you can assume that a clinic set in an industrial area will not match the quality of a hospital that is based in a safe suburb.

Hospital Angeles Tijuana is set in a peaceful, safe district, a short car journey from the border. Each weight loss surgery patient is met at San Diego airport and driven through border control to their hospital.

“We know that the area is safe, but for patients who are worried I simply let them know that we will put our arms around them in San Diego and we won’t let them go again until they are taken back to the airport after their procedure and recovery.”

2.    Facilities.  Each weight loss surgery provider will provide you with a list of the facilities that they have on offer. Many clinics do not cater for post operative complications and simply have the facilities to perform the procedure and provide minimal aftercare.  We know that it is vital to have facilities on site to enable us to cope with any medical situation. We also know that if there are complications, they are most likely to arise within the first 24 hours after weight loss surgery.

At Weight Loss Surgery Mexico we offer a longer hospital stay than most facilities following weight loss surgery so that we can prevent complications. In the unlikely event of complications, our hospitals are fully equipped with facilities such as on site laboratories, blood banks, outpatients, pharmacies, an ER and an ITU. Our post-operative care is superior to any clinic or non-specialist hospital, meaning that we can prevent complications and ensure a full recovery with great results.

 3.    World Class Surgeons and Aftercare. So, you know that you are going to arrive at the weight loss facility safely and you know that the hospital has all of the onsite facilities you need for any eventuality.  Now you just need to make sure that the medical and practical support you receive before, during and after your weight loss surgery is first class.

Weight Loss Surgery Mexico is home to Dr. Corvola, one of the world’s leading bariatric surgeons. In addition to this, patients will continue to receive support and advice from a nutritionist and their designated case manager. Between them, the members of the weight loss surgery team will help to create a smooth, seamless weight loss surgery experience, with excellent outcomes.

If you are considering lap band surgery, gastric bypass surgery or gastric sleeve surgery, you need to make sure that you are making the right decision based on the quality of the hospital, its facilities, surgeons and aftercare. The all-inclusive packages offered at Hospital Angeles Tijuana mean that patients are safe and secure throughout their experience, making their weight loss surgery a safe investment.

For more information about the weight loss surgery procedures available, and to find out which procedure will be best for you, contact us today for a free consultation with one of our specialist case managers.