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What to expect from Gastric Bypass Surgery

What is involved with Gastric Bypass Surgery?

For patients considering gastric bypass surgery it is wise to do your research and be clear on what the surgery entails.

In its essence gastric bypass surgery is the division of the upper stomach into two sections through surgical stapling. The small pouch of the upper stomach that is created is then connected to the intestines with a “Roux-en-Y” intestinal limb.

“The majority of gastric bypass procedures nowadays are carried out laparoscopically. During this process the surgeon manipulates special tools in minimally invasive tiny incisions. In this way the patient has less bleeding, less pain, a shorter hospital stay and a quicker recover than with traditional open bypass surgery.”

Roux-en-Y Bypass

Roux-en-Y BypassThe modern Roux-en-Y bypass (RYGBP) weight loss surgery stops bile from entering the upper part of the stomach and esophagus. This prevents the painful reflux mechanism that is commonly associated with older types of gastric bypass surgery, and means consumed food can bypass the stomach portion that is left over as well as the first part of the small intestines. With the digestive tract rearranged like this the patient feels full quite easily and for a longer period of time, even when they eat very little food.

After gastric bypass surgery the digestive tract will bypass the segment of the intestines where iron and calcium are absorbed into the bloodstream.  For this reason osteoporosis and anemia are often resulting long-term complications after gastric bypass surgery. It is important that gastric bypass patients take iron and calcium supplements for the rest of their lives to protect against these two disorders.

Proximal Gastric Bypass

With regular exercise and a healthy diet gastric bypass patients report marked improvements to their quality of life and see long-lasting, dramatic weight loss, with added relief from various weight-related medical issues.

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