Dr Lopez-Corvala comes across as a very polite, very educated professional, as well as his staff composed of a dietitian (Dr Carmen Calleja), his Medical assistant, Dr Cleysa Gallardo, the anesthesiologists Dr Rivas and Dr Magellon. He also has a Phsychologist, Dr Diana. The driver is also a sweet and very polite person. His name is Rafael.rnrnDr Carmen speaks very, very good english. Dr Lopez and Dr Cleysa are improving every day. Dr Rivas is also very accurate in his pronunciation and speech skills.rnrnThe whole staff is available for aftercare, via email and they also have a US phone number (which I dont have at hand at this moment), and which rings in their Mexico office, for assistance.

The aftercare is a very important part of Dr Lopez-Corvala’s focuses, since it represents an important percentage in the steps to achieve the goal we all have: losing weight!!! This is why, right after surgery, I was invited to attend a nutrition meeting in which I could ask the dietitian every questions I could think of, regarding how and what to eat, how long I should remain in a diet, about the different types and brands of protein shakes, how to tell I need a fill, etc. I found this meeting to be very useful. Also, I was told about the risks of not following the post-op instructions, about overeating, which can lead to band slippage, etc.rnrnAs an educated patient, I did my research and found out Dr Lopez-Corvala is one of the most prestigious surgeon when it comes to weight loss surgery.

He is a complete surgeon. He does the lap band procedure, the gastric bypass, the gastric sleeve, the duodenal bypass. He also fixed a hernia he found during my lap band surgery. I also found out he teaches many US surgeon on weight loss surgery procedures, and travels the world teaching (he’s been in Europe, South America, Canada, the US). This alone gave me the security to feel I was having surgery with a competent surgeon and I couldn’t feel safer.rnrnHe is a very competent surgeon, with very nice bedside manners. His staff was wonderful. Oh, I was forgetting: there was a lady in the evening shift, who spoke very good english and who very kindly helped me get thru with the nursing staff (I was in Mexico, where the primary language is Spanish). I think she works with the company who does the marketing for Dr Lopez-Corvala. Nurses, though, could speak a few words in english and could understand a little also, but all were very sweet to me and are also very professional. I would say, Mexican nurses are some of the best in the world.rnrnThe hospital wasn’t really a very big or important issue for me. I had it done in a \”not so fancy\” hospital, but having it done by Dr. Lopez was the main point. This made all the difference.