walking coupleIf you are planning on having weight loss surgery, have had weight loss surgery, or are simply looking to lose weight and stay healthy, make walking your friend. A new study shows that people who walk faster live for longer, so if you are walking for fitness, make sure that your pace is one that will give you maximum benefit.

Some people believe that walking is no substitute for running, and that if you’re not going to run, or at least jog, there is no benefit in going out at all. However, two studies published in the last year show that, provided you walk the same number of miles as you would run, the benefits on hypertension, depression and coronary heart disease are equal to running.

Whilst walking at speed has been shown to have similar benefits to running, a study focusing entirely on walking shows that the intensity of walking undertaken does make a difference.

Getting The Pace

A study looked at over 35,000 walkers over a period of just over nine years and determined that those people who walked faster tended to live longer.  The study showed that for every extra minute per mile walked, mortality rose by almost 2%. It also showed that for optimal benefits, walkers need to focus of walking at least 2.25 miles an hour.  At 26 minute miles, this pace should be achievable even for novice walkers.

Whilst it is possible that these results are skewed because healthy people walk more quickly naturally, it could be argued that the reasons these people are more healthy is because they walk more quickly.

What Should You Do?

If you have had gastric band surgery, gastric bypass surgery , gastric sleeve surgery or any other weight loss surgery procedure with Weight Loss Surgery Mexico your nutritionist will have given you an easy to follow guide on what you should eat and how much exercise you need to do.  Before or after surgery, or even if you are not considering weight loss surgery at all, 150 minutes (5 half hour sessions) of exercise a week is the minimum recommended amount to keep you healthy.  By exercising regularly you will protect your heart, maintain a healthy weight and help to prevent conditions such as heart disease, glaucoma, high blood pressure and diabetes.

If you are new to exercise, keep it simple and start slowly. Try getting off the bus a stop early and walk; walk to the store instead of driving and take the stairs instead of the elevator. Remember to try to walk as fast as you can without being very out of breath. You will notice quickly that you can walk more easily; when this happens try to walk regularly (at least 5 times a week). Walk for half an hour, at a fast but comfortable pace, trying to walk just over a mile at least in this time.  Of course, you can run, jog, go to the gym or play sports too but by keeping your walking pace as fast as you can you will improve your fitness and your lifespan without even noticing it!

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