We have been talking for years about the many benefits of weight loss surgery, such as gastric band surgery and gastric bypass surgery. One significant benefit is the relief of the symptoms of type 2 diabetes and, in some cases, the ability of weight loss surgery to cure type II diabetes. A new study shows us the possible reasons why gastric bypass surgery in particular is so effective in treating type II diabetes. The study supports the theory that, in the future, weight loss surgery may be used not just for weight loss but as an effective medical treatment for type II diabetes and other obesity related conditions.

What is Gastric Bypass?

Gastric Bypass surgery is a weight loss surgery procedure that involves reducing the stomach size as well as directing food past some of the small intestine. In this way the patient is able to eat less food before feeling full and food that is consumed is not completely absorbed into the body, as it bypasses some of the digestive tract.

The Study

85% of people with type II diabetes who have gastric bypass surgery achieve diabetes remission within days of the surgery. Swedish researchers think they know why.

The study looked at four women who had gastric bypass surgery. Normally, after bypass surgery, food passes into the smaller section of stomach before going through the shortened digestive tract where it is broken down and calories, fat and nutrients are absorbed. In this study, a catheter was fitted that made the food go to the larger part of the stomach, that is normally bypassed by the operation.

In normal bypass cases, where the food goes to the smaller stomach, insulin production, as well as levels of other hormones, was much higher that when the food was diverted by catheter to the larger, bypassed section. This demonstrates that in normal gastric bypass cases, higher levels of hormones help to improve regulation of a patient’s blood glucose levels. An additional increase in some amino acids, as well as dramatic reduction in blood lipids also help to explain why type II diabetes is so significantly affected within days of gastric bypass surgery.

The Future

Further studies into the hormonal effects of gastric bypass surgery will be required before weight loss surgery can be used as an effective, routine cure for type II diabetes. The mechanism to regulate and metabolize sugar is a complex one, involving hundreds of hormones within the intestines, and further, complex investigations are essential before insurance companies and health authorities are likely to fund gastric bypass surgery as a cure for diabetes.

In the meantime, individuals who have a high BMI can seek gastric bypass surgery privately in order to relieve symptoms of type II diabetes as well as other obesity related conditions, including osteoarthritis, high blood pressure and heart conditions.

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