I had the pleasure of staying at Hospital Angeles from 5/31/2011 thru 6/6/31. I would like to take the time express my gratitude and appreciation of the services I received. Dr. Corvola and his entire team we fabulous. I am a nurse currently here in the United States and found the care by the staff and physicians above and beyond what I would have received here at home. The staff, with the language barrier, were wonderful. They always tried to understand me and fulfill whatever my need was. Imelda was my favorite! She was always so cheerful!

The surgery was very successful. I will be seeing my primary care physician on Thursday and feel very confident that I am healing without any complications. I have not had to take any of three insulins I was on previously which was usually 7 shots a day. I feel great! I am amazed at the amount of energy I have. The pain has been minimal except for the first day or two, which was mainly gas pains. I would definitely recommend Hospital Angeles to anyone considering having the RNY gastric bypass.

The hospital itself was extremely clean and shined. I would have housekeeping in my room twice a day. I felt very safe. The guards were always visible and so very friendly. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for a safe and enjoyable experience.