lap band an effective solution for obesityA 15-year study of lap band patients has shown the Gastric Lap Band ® procedure to be an effective, long term solution to the growing problem of obesity.

The study, conducted by professors at the Center for Obesity Research and Education (CORE), is the biggest study ever to be conducted on lap band surgery. It found that most lap band patients reported an average 26kg weight loss more than ten years after their gastric band procedure.

The Study

The outcomes of 3,277 gastric band procedures conducted between 1994, the year in which the procedure was first introduced, and 2011 were studied. 78% of the patients were women and the average age of the patients was 47.

714 of the patients had had their weight loss surgery more than ten years ago and 58 had had lap band surgery 15 years ago.  Of these, the average patient had lost an average of 26 kilos or had lost nearly half of their excess weight.

There was also a significant decrease in type 2 diabetes for patients who had had lap band surgery and followed the recommendations of their weight loss team, sticking to nutrition advice and exercise plans. Weight loss can lead to more controlled blood sugar levels, easing or even curing type 2 diabetes.

A Long-Term Solution, Not a Last Resort

Although many people now turn to weight loss surgery in a bid to lose excess weight, this study shows that for the third of Americans who are obese, there is a long term solution to the problem of obesity and the health risks that are associated with the condition.

Lap band surgery is a safe, effective and life-long solution for obesity, offering people the chance to life healthier, and for longer.

The researchers involved in this study emphasize that lap band surgery should not be seen as a last resort, only suitable for morbidly obese patients who have serious obesity-related disease. In treating obese patients with lap band surgery as early as possible, many complications, such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and joint problems, can be prevented. Lap band surgery is a solution that can promote long term health but also, ultimately, save money on health care for conditions that could be prevented with effective weight loss surgery.

Making the Right Choice

For many people considering weight loss surgery, the choices available can be confusing. Not only are there a range of different weight loss procedures available, there are many hospitals and clinics offering weight loss solutions. The safety of any operation is largely dependent on the hospital or clinic and the weight loss surgery team.

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