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Angeles Health Weight Loss Video Testimonials

Here are just a few testimonials from our happy patients.

We know that having any medical procedure is a big decision. Going South of the border for a procedure you know is going to change your life may raise some eye brows among your loved ones, but it is worth listening to the experiences of patients just like yourself.

Medical staff from the U.S. and around the world choose Angeles Health for their procedures.

US doctor – “after I checked thoroughly the hospital itself, it is state of the art…there’s none finer”

  US Nurse – “I’ve worked at a lot of hospitals in the U.S. and I could tell it was new…I felt comfortable being there.”

Medical professionals choose Angeles Health because they, more than most, can quickly appreciate the quality of our medical facilities and their tremendous value. They often remark that we provide a level of technical expertise and access to pre-operation medical assessment beyond what would be affordable for them in the U.S. Many are also surprised by the level of personalized care they receive, in addition to pure medical procedures. Watch the videos below if you please and learn first-hand about just a few of their experiences.

Some stories from average Americans that have saved thousands by getting themselves the best care in North America at Angeles Hospital.

Weight Loss Surgery patient from the USA

“I’m amazed with this hospital”

There are many medical care options both in the U.S. and around the world. Mexico has the huge advantage of offering world class medical facilities at significant saving compared to equivalent U.S. medical facilities, all a short drive from major U.S. cities like San Diego.

Hear directly from some of our medical staff

Dr. Carmen discusses bariatric after care

Dr. Corvala discusses gastric plication

Hear Directly from just a few of our bilingual medical staff to learn about the benefits of our hospital. While it’s best to hear directly from the people who will be supporting you, it’s important to know that Angeles Health is a full service hospital where procedures aren’t pushed on you, but where your team help you asses the best route for healing. We pride ourselves on the fact that every patient gets to interact directly with their surgeon, physician, psychiatrist, and nutritionist before surgery.

All of our patients experienced such value in medical treatment at multiple times the quality of what they would have received in the U.S. for a comparable price that they were more than happy to speak about it.  While there are many other questions you may have about treatment options that our case managers can answer for you, it is also handy to hear directly from former patients just like yourself. If you are still curious about specific weight loss procedure options learn more here, or if you are curious about the medical travel process in Mexico you can find more here. We welcome your input, wish you luck as you make this revitalizing decision. Feel free to fill out a contact form to speak with a trained U.S. case manager.