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Greenzone Gastric Plication Surgery

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Greenzone Gastric Plication Surgery with Angeles Health International, the Largest Hospital Network in Mexico

top ten Green Zone Gastric Sleeve Plication surgeonWhat is Green Zone Gastric Sleeve Plication?
The term Gastric Sleeve describes the shape of your stomach after the procedure; we alter your stomach shape to form a sleeve, reducing the size of your stomach and the amount of food that you can eat. In our Green Zone Gastric Plication procedure we use sutures to make your stomach smaller, so we do not actually surgically remove any tissue. This reduces the recovery time and risk of infection, as it is a non-invasive form of surgery.

We use the innovative EndoFLIP® technology which enables us to accurately measure your actual stomach size and reduce it to the best size for you, the individual. By using this device, a surgeon can make sure the sleeve is sized just right for each patient. You will get straight into the Green Zone, with optimal stomach size for safe, healthy and consistent weight loss.

Although this procedure is available in a few US hospitals, our experience in this field makes us the safest place for your procedure, not to mention the cheapest!

Your Greenzone Gastric Plication Surgeon

greenzone gastric plication surgeon – dr lopez corvalaDr. Lopez Corvala is a leading weight-loss surgeon, ranked in the top ten in the world. You can feel at ease in his hands as he’s performed over 5,000 laparoscopic surgeries in his distinguished career. A patient’s main concern may not be the price, and when you choose the Angeles Health team, you get a highly experienced weight-loss team for your procedure.

This new surgery is currently offered in limited clinical trials from Angeles Health. Dr. Lopez Corvala trains US surgeons to perform this surgery properly and helps them develop the right plication suturing technique within these trials. Many bariatric surgeons believe this is the most advanced and best type of weight-loss surgery available

greenzone gastric plication surgery procedure

Benefits of Greenzone Gastric Plication Surgery in Mexico at Angeles Health Hospitals

  • Accurate stomach size due to the EndoFLIP® technology used
  • FDA approved
  • Fewer complications
  • Short recovery period
  • Easily reversed
  • The need for sleeve adjustment is reduced.

For more information about the package, costs and recovery period take a look at the links below.

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