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Gastric Sleeve Plication Surgery

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Gastric Sleeve Plication Surgery in Tijuana, Mexico with Angeles Health International, the Largest Hospital Network in Mexico

top ten Gastric Sleeve Plication surgeonWhat Is Gastric Sleeve Plication?
With Sleeve Plication surgery none of the stomach is removed. We simply reduce the size of the stomach to a ‘sleeve’ shape, using surgical sutures. Because we don’t remove or bypass any of the digestive systems your absorption of nutrients from the food that you eat is not reduced, making sure that you stay healthy as well as slimmer!

This procedure differs from the Gastric Sleeve Procedure because, instead of removing the larger part of the stomach and stapling it, we sew the larger part of your stomach inwards, making a sleeve shape.  This makes it a fairly simple procedure to perform but also to adjust after surgery too.

This procedure is comparable in results to the traditional gastric sleeve surgery but has fewer complications when performed on the right patient by the right surgeon.

Your Gastric Sleeve Plication Surgeon

gastric sleeve plication surgeon – dr lopez corvalaDr. Lopez Corvala is a leading weight-loss surgeon, ranked in the top ten in the world. You can feel at ease in his hands as he’s performed over 5,000 laparoscopic surgeries in his distinguished career. A patient’s main concern may not be the price, and when you choose the Angeles Health team, you get a highly experienced weight-loss team for your procedure.

gastric sleeve plication surgery procedure

The results have shown to be very similar in patients over a three-year period, but there are not many studies published yet on this surgery because it is very new. The main difference with both of these surgeries is with gastric sleeve plication surgery the surgeons don’t cut or remove any part of the stomach. This makes it reversible and if there are complications at any time, it allows the surgical team to perform a different weight-loss surgery.

Benefits of Gastric Sleeve Plication Surgery in Mexico at Angeles Health Hospitals

  • Procedure is adjustable and reversible
  • FDA approved
  • Lower risk of complications
  • Shorter recovery period

For more information about the package, costs and recovery period take a look at the links below. Read more about our Certified Bariatric Surgeon Dr. Lopez Corvala.

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