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Gastric Sleeve Plication Cost

What Is the Cost of Gastric Sleeve Plication?

If you have spent any time looking into weight-loss surgeries, then you probably already know they can be very expensive. Most insurance companies won’t cover the surgery and if they do, it’s usually not the full amount. The gastric plication cost can be more expensive than $30,000, even though it is one of the more affordable weight-loss surgeries you can get.

At Angeles Hospital in Mexico You Can Receive World-Class Care for $6,500

However, if you want to lose weight with this surgery, you don’t need to shell out your entire life savings.  You can choose a different option with a medical travel package from Angeles Health, which will save you around 75% of the total costs. The best part is that the gastric plication surgery cost will not be as high as other travel packages because the recovery time is less.

Compared to gastric band and gastric sleeve surgery, the recovery is almost half as long. This is due to the non-invasive methods used and the fact that the surgery won’t remove any of the stomach. Sutures are used to create a smaller stomach and the recovery is far less because your stomach is not stapled back together after being cut open and removing a portion, like with sleeve surgery.

What’s Included In Your Gastric Sleeve Surgery Medical Travel Package

  • All Pre-op & Post-op exams
  • All Surgeon & Anesthesiologist Fees
  • All Hospital & Nursing Fees
  • 2 night hospital stay + 1 night hotel if needed
  • Round trip shuttle to and from the San Diego airport

Unlike with other weight-loss surgeries that require up to 5 nights in the hospital and another 10 nights in a nearby hotel, you will only stay for one or two nights in the hospital before you are released. This keeps the gastric sleeve plication cost down and helps you get the surgery you need to help you reach your weight loss goal.

With less recovery, time involved you save money, but you also can get on with losing weight much sooner. Since this is a very new procedure, many studies have not been published yet. However, patients that received this surgery from Angeles Health are showing similar weight loss results as gastric bypass surgery within the first 6-12 months.

Not only do you get everything you need included in the cost, along with a support program for a full year after, but you also get many bonuses when you become an Angeles Health patient. All follow-up procedures to remove excess skin, stubborn fat pockets, or for any other reason receive special rates and if you refer someone that becomes a patient, you receive a referral bonus. The referral bonus can be used just like cash towards future procedures.


Please note that the gastric sleeve plication surgery at Angeles Health International is not covered by private medical insurance nor medicare nor medical in the United States. This is subject to your insurance provider and the terms of the your insurance coverage. For further information please contact your insurer.