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Ten Reasons to Inquire Today

We know that our patients will have a wide range of options when considering their healthcare needs, both at in their home country and abroad. However, we think these key points are why you should strongly consider coming to Angeles Health in Mexico:

 1. Treated by a Top Ten Global Bariatric Surgeon

Dr. Lopez Corvala is one of the top ten weight loss surgeons in the world. He has carried out over 5,000 laparoscopic surgeries, of which 1,500 were gastric band surgeries. Dr. Corvala teaches U.S. surgeons who are training to do gastric band surgery and has taught as a Professor of weight loss Surgery in the United States, Europe and Latin America. The expert in weight loss surgery has also published many articles on laparoscopic surgery. Dr. Lopez Corvala is fluent in Spanish and English.

2. Free Webinar and Consultation

You can attend a free 45 minute webinar with Dr. Corvala and our knowledgeable case management team that looks after all of our weight loss surgery patients. You may attend the webinar with no obligation to purchase, but if you choose to go pursue weight loss surgery you will receive a $250 discount on medical package through your attendance!

3. We are a Big Hospital Network with a dedicated Weight Loss Surgery Center

Angeles Health is Mexico’s largest private hospital network with 22 hospitals and more than 11,000 medical experts on board. We are definitely not a ‘clinic south of the border”,  we are a well financed healthcare organization of considerable size and stature and our doctors, nurses and specialists adhere to the highest levels of medical standards. Our weight loss team is highly experienced and use the latest equipment.

4. The Quality of the Medical Staff & Facilities

With our size, we attract and retain the most highly qualified and talented doctors and surgeons in the world. We  offer our weight loss surgery patients the best doctors and medical staff that are available.

5. Our USA Based Patient Case Managers

We have a committed international patient department, which is made up of highly skilled and very friendly case managers who are based in the USA, so they understand common travel and preparation queries. Your case manager will support you throughout the process of weight loss surgery from the beginning to the end and will answer any questions you may have while you are with us and at back at home.

6. Years of Medical Travel Experience

We are not a ‘rookie’ when it comes to medical travel packages. We have treated more than 7,500 patients from all over the world in the last few years, and we have implemented well tested processes through our considerable operational experience. We know how to best look after you on your medical trip and we will.

7. We are 20 Minuted from San Diego, California!

Most of our patients have medical treatment at our newly built, gated medical complex in Tijuana. We have a free door to door service that goes from San Diego airport to Angeles hospital and this trip takes just 20 minutes. You will be safe and secure before you even arrive at Angeles Health.

8. Let our Patients do the Talking!

We have more than 200 patient testimonials for you to watch or read on this website. There are letters we have received from our patients after their treatment and video testimonials from patients about their experience. We take great pride in the community of patients we have treated. The opinions of our patients are testament to the quality of healthcare and customer service that we offer.

9. 12 Month Follow Up Program Included

We offer all of our weight loss patients a free weight loss follow up program. Our medical staff will be in touch with you over the year to see how you are progressing and will be on hand to support you in anything from medication queries to giving you necessary advice on nutrition and exercise.

10. We can save you money

Weight loss surgery in a U.S. hospital can cost as much as 75% more than at Angeles Health, Mexico’s largest private hospital network. At a fraction of the U.S. cost we offer you excellent medical facilities, surgical staff and U.S. based case managers to guide you through the entire process.

There are so many more reasons why you should consider Angeles Health for your healthcare requirements. To find these out speak to one of our skilled case managers today, they will be happy to answer any questions.

Safe travels!