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Green Zone Lap Band Surgery Costs

What Will Green Zone Lap Banding Cost?

The costs of green zone lap band surgery can vary depending on where the surgery is performed and who your surgeon is.  Most hospitals that offer this surgery in the United States, charge over $20,000.  This may not include your full hospital stay and most insurance companies won’t cover any of the cost of this type of surgery.

At Angeles Health you can receive world-class care for $5,900

Angeles Health offers one of the top surgical teams in the world for your surgery and at a cost of 70% less than what you will pay for the same medical procedure in the United States.  This allows you to get the surgery you need without spending your life savings, and you get a full one-year support program to make sure you succeed with your weight loss goals.

Green zone weight loss surgeries provide more immediate results without all the risks.  With the help of EndoFlip technology, the surgeon can ensure the lap band is filled to fit your body.  They won’t make it too tight and this will eliminate many of the potential risks and complications compared to traditions gastric lap band surgery.

What is Included in Your Green Zone Lap Band Medical Travel Package

  • All Pre-op & Post-op testing and exams
  • All Surgeon & Anesthesiologist fees
  • All Hospital & Nursing fees
  • A dedicated Case Management team to guide your pre- and post-operative experience
  • 2 night stay at Hospital Angeles Tijuana + 1 night hotel if needed
  • Round trip shuttle to and from the San Diego airport

With your medical travel package, you also get the peace of mind in knowing your surgery will be performed by one of the top ten choices for weight-loss surgery in the world.  Our surgical team can provide emergency care and any other type of care you may require while in the hospital.  They will make sure your recovery is on the right track before releasing you.

Since this is a green zone surgery, your lap band will be customized to fit your body type and size precisely.  This helps reduce the risks and gives you the benefit of more immediate weight loss.  Many bariatric surgeons believe the green zone surgeries are the most advanced of their kind.  You won’t need a fill nearly as soon and the recovery time will be greatly reduced, along with the green zone lap band costs when you choose Angeles Health for your medical travel package.


Please note that the green zone lap band surgery at Angeles Health International is not covered by private medical insurance nor medicare nor medical in the United States. This is subject to your insurance provider and the terms of the your insurance coverage. For further information please contact your insurer.