Lisa lampanelli weight lossThis month everyone is talking about Lisa Lampanelli, the 50 your old comedienne who recently showed off her new figure after losing 80 pounds following bariatric surgery. Lisa and her husband Jimmy were sick of being the brunt of jokes about their weight, so decided to do something about it.

Lisa told interviewers how, after struggling with her weight for her whole adult life, trying various diets and yo-yoing consistently for 32 years, she decided that it was time to take her life in her own hands, take control of herself and confront what she knew to be an addiction to food, via weight loss surgery. After a consultation with her doctor she opted for gastric bypass surgery, a procedure that reduces the size of the stomach and diverts food past the small intestine, so that fewer of the calories consumed are absorbed into the body.

As well as eating obsessively and gaining weight, the comedienne also admitted to times of eating very little and weighing herself obsessively, resulting in hair loss as well as excess weight loss. It was hoped that the gastric bypass procedure would allow her to establish healthy eating habits that are both enjoyable and sustainable.

Lisa understood that the risks linked to her previous lifestyle and potential health implications of her weight far outweighed the minimal risks of undergoing gastric bypass surgery and that the procedure would give her the opportunity to recover from her unhealthy relationship with food, lose weight and make a clean slate, allowing her to commence her new, healthy, slimmer life.

In fact, Lisa’s weight loss surgery was so successful that her husband, Jimmy, underwent the same procedure two months after she did. The pair still order food normally when they eat out, but the reduced size of their stomachs means that they are able to eat much less than they would have before.  And with combined weight loss of over 120 pounds, they are no longer the (large) butt of jokes. They are both enjoying the physical and emotional benefits of being free of their previous lifestyle, feeling better about themselves and each other, happier and healthier.

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