holiday weigh gainIf you are losing weight, have reached your target weight or are preparing for weight loss surgery, autumn and winter can be difficult. Aside from all that warming winter food you have cookies, candy, turkey, pumpkin pie, roast veg, party food, festive drinks…. The list goes on!

Lots of people will tell you that the average North American gains anything from 5 – 12 lbs over the holiday season. However, scientific research studies showed that Americans gained, on average, 1lb over the holidays. Furthermore, only 10% of those who thought they had gained over 5lbs had actually gained that much weight. The studies did, however, show that those who gained just one pound failed to lose it before the next Christmas. So a 40 year old who gains 1lb at Christmas and 1lb at Thanksgiving has accumulated a whopping 44lbs of holiday weight in their adult life.

So how can you keep your weight gain to a minimum? Here are our top tips for avoiding the permanent Christmas pound.

Drink lots of Water

Drinking lots of fluid will help your stomach to feel full, keep your metabolic rate going AND help your body to flush out the toxins of excess. Try to drink a glass of water before each meal and have water with every meal too, alongside any alcoholic drink that you may have. This will help you to feel full more quickly and, if you’re thirsty, stop you from drinking too many sugary or high calorie alcoholic or soft drinks.

Take Your Time

Have you ever eaten something really quickly because you were so hungry or because it was just so good? According to studies, eating too fast interrupts the signals between your stomach and brain, delaying your brain letting you know that you are full (really full!).  By eating slowly you give your brain and stomach time to communicate with each other. This has three great benefits: your body lets you know to stop eating sooner (you just have to listen to it!); you won’t feel uncomfortable after eating too much; you will enjoy your food so much more!

Make Cutbacks on other Meals

Sometimes it is hard to say ‘no’ or stop yourself when there is just so much good food to be had! If you know that you are going to have a big meal later in the day try to cut back on breakfast and lunch, you’ll reduce your overall calorie intake for the day and you will enjoy your meal much more.


It may be hard to squeeze in exercise over the holidays but if you want to squeeze into the same outfit next year then try to do a little exercise each day. Walk instead of driving, getting the bus or a taxi, get to the gym or go for a run. You may not feel like it but it will make you feel much better and help you to keep the holiday weight off. Whether you have lost weight after bariatric surgery or just want to maintain your ideal weight this Christmas it is important to stay focussed.

At Weight Loss Mexico we are committed to helping our patients to reach their target weight, and to stay there. Weight loss surgery can change lives, improving overall health and fitness and boosting self-esteem, helping you to enjoy the social events of the holidays with confidence. If you would like to find out more about how weight loss surgery can help, you contact us today.