Vit D sunshineMost people are aware that Vitamin D is important for healthy bones and that it can boost the immune system, help with depression and even prevent and fight cancer. But latest studies show yet another use for this under-rated vitamin. According to studies a lack in vitamin D can contribute to weight gain as well as a poor immune system and weakened teeth and bones.

A study released in 2000 claims that 77% of Americans suffer from a vitamin D deficiency without even knowing it.  What’s more, vitamin D has now been shown to suppress the appetite naturally, aiding weight loss.  A study has been released that shows a relationship between vitamin D levels prior to dieting and overall weight loss success.

The research

Researchers measured the flowing vitamin d levels of 38 obese men and women, before putting them on an 11 week diet of 750 fewer calories per day. Although most of the subjects had what would be considered to be deficient vitamin D levels, the study showed clearly that the more vitamin D the person had in their blood before dieting, the more weight they lost. Also, individuals with higher levels of vitamin D lost the most abdominal fat.

Authors of the study recommend speaking to a professional before starting to take large supplements of vitamin D, as too much of the vitamin can be as bad as too little.

How it works

Our brains contain receptors that control our hunger and they need vitamin D to keep them operating smoothly. Vitamin D also helps in the production of serotonin, the feel good hormone, which can make you feel much happier when you are dieting!  Vitamin D also helps the body to absorb crucial vitamins and minerals, doubly important when you are on a diet so getting less food.

One of the most important minerals for weight loss is calcium, which, you guessed it, needs vitamin C for its production and absorption into the body. If a person doesn’t have enough calcium in their blood their body will produce up to five times as much synthase, a fatty acid that converts calories to fat.  By increasing your vitamin D intake, therefore your calcium levels, you could move your body away from a fat-storing phase to a fat-burning phase, with the potential to dramatically increase weight loss when you are on a diet.

Where to find Vitamin D

Vitamin D is an unusual vitamin as it can be made by our own bodies when we are exposed to sunlight. The big problem with getting vitamin D from sunlight is that we tend to be so worried about skin cancer that we wear sun cream all of the time. Wearing sun cream filters out the UVB rays that we need to make vitamin D and not wearing sun cream can put you at risk of cancer. There are other factors, too, that will affect your UVB absorption, such as cloud cover, air pollution and the time of day, hence strength of the sun. So, aside from trying to be in the sun for just a few minutes in the middle of the day without sun cream, cloud or smog, it is a good idea to look at other sources of

A simpler way of making sure you get enough vitamin D is to take a vitamin D supplement. The amount of vitamin D you need varies according to your age, gender and where you live so check before you start taking it regularly.

The chances are that you are one of the 77% of Americans deficient in Vitamin D so start taking it today for a healthier, lighter you.

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