People choose to have weight loss surgery for a number of reasons: Their health is at risk due to obesity and related conditions, they want to feel more confident in their appearance and/or they desire increased mobility.

Jassira Espaillat-Batista had an extra reason for having weight loss surgery: She wanted desperately to be a mom. But ovulation was no longer occurring in her body when she weighed 340 pounds.

pregnant woman

“[My husband and] I had tried and it just didn’t happen,” said Jassira. “My OBGYN told me if I wanted to do that I would need to lose weight or use fertility treatments.”

Jassira decided to have a duodenal switch, a gastrectomy procedure that involves removing over 80 percent of the patient’s stomach.

Jassira saw immediate results. Within six months she lost 80 pounds. And then came more good news…
“Then all of a sudden, at 6 months post-op, ‘Oops I’m pregnant!’” said Jassira. “Every doctor told me I was going to have children. I had all kinds of issues, and we never even had a scare. It was like the miracle baby for me.”

Jassira even lost weight during pregnancy!

“I lost about 70 pounds during those nine months,” she said. “But I really didn’t notice the weight loss because I had a big growing belly. Then when I gave birth, I came out of the hospital, and I was 40 pounds lighter. Within 3 weeks, I went from being pregnant to being a size 4. That’s when it hit me, over a year later, just how much weight I had lost.”

Angeles hospital in Tijuana

Angeles hospital in Tijuana

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