Weight loss surgery helps obese people who have been battling with their weight and probably other weight-related health issues, to lose weight. It reduces their appetite and could reduce the person’s need for fatty foods.  But is weight loss surgery cheating?

Some people seem to think that weight loss surgery is the easy way out; celebrities are ‘accused’ of having weight loss surgery, as if the decision to change their health, physical appearance and lifestyle through bariatric surgery was an easy one, with no risks, effort or determination needed.

The term ‘cheating’ or ‘short cut’ implies that there is a winner or a loser. So who are people who think surgery is cheating trying to beat? Who, or what, are you trying to beat? Other people? Probably not. Are you trying to trick your children, your family, your friends? We doubt it, although you may want to lose weight FOR your children, family and friends so that you can enjoy a longer and happier life with them. Are you trying to beat obesity, type II diabetes, a heart condition, sleep apnea? Probably, yes! So, if you have tried and failed to lose weight in the past and have made the decision to make permanent changes now, not in a year, or 5 years, but right now, then what’s wrong with a little help when the only thing you are trying to beat, defeat or cheat is your weight and any conditions that it has brought along for company.

Weight loss surgery isn’t a magic cure. You don’t go into surgery one day and come out slim, being able to eat whatever you like whenever you like for the rest of your life. It is tough and requires on-going will power and determination. You have to make the decision to have the surgery, go through the recovery procedure and embark on a new lifestyle overnight. You may want to slip back into old habits and will have to work hard to stay on your new path. You may even miss your old lifestyle, just a tiny bit!

But through hard work you will achieve a new healthy you, you will be able to play with your children, walk wherever you like and buy the clothes you want. Not to mention the fact that you will live for years longer and drastically reduce your chances of dying from obesity-related diseases.

So is weight loss surgery cheating? We’ll let you decide.

And if you decide that weight loss surgery isn’t cheating, but a helping step in the direction that you want to go, then contact us and make the first step to the new you.