weight loss surgery cuts heart risksA survey of 73 previous studies has shown that bariatric surgery, such as gastric bypass surgery and lap band surgery, reduces the risk of heart disease more than drug treatment.

According to the World Health Organization, worldwide, nearly 8,000 people die every day as a result of being overweight or obese, and, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, over a third of Americans are obese.  People with a BMI of over 35 are candidates for bariatric surgery, which can assist weight loss and ease obesity-related diseases.

Over 50% of the 20,000 participants in the research benefited from reduced risk factors of heart attack, stroke and heart failure. Risk factors include high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes; all conditions that can be dramatically improved or cured following successful weight loss surgery.

The authors of the study, which was published earlier this month, say that there is no pharmacological treatment or weight loss program that can compare with the health benefits of weight loss surgery, and, while any surgery does carry risks, the benefits of bariatric surgery and the risks of not undergoing bariatric surgery far outweigh the risks involved in weight loss surgery.

There will always be controversy about whether or not weight loss surgery is a suitable treatment for obesity and obesity related conditions. Some feel that it is a short cut, whilst many can be overwhelmed by the range of surgeries available and the choice of where to go for bariatric surgery. However, it is undeniable that, for many, weight loss surgery saves lives. So much so that the International Diabetes federation have recommended that the bariatric surgery BMI criteria for patients with type II diabetes is reduced to 30, especially if the condition cannot be controlled with drugs.

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