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Green Zone Lap Band Surgery Recovery

What is Green Zone Lap Band Recovery Like?

Recovering from any type of surgery can take time.  Weight-loss surgeries are no different, and many require months of rest and a strict diet to recover completely.  It is normal to feel some soreness after surgery and most doctors will prescribe some pain medication for the first couple of weeks.  The green zone surgeries don’t require as much recovery time, however, you will need to stick to the diet given by your medical team.

Green zone lap band surgery recovery takes less time because EndoFlip technology is used to ensure the surgeon can give you the right tightness on the lap band the first time.  You will have to get your band filled after a few months, but that is normal.  With traditional lap band surgery, getting the right tightness is a bit of an educated guess, but with the EndoFlip technology, the surgeon can precisely measure the stomach for an accurate band every single time.

Recovery will include two nights in the hospital so that the surgical team can monitor you and make sure you are recovering properly.  After releases, you can expect it to take a couple of weeks before you are back to normal because your body needs to adjust to the lab band and the new stomach size you will have.

Your Diet

Your diet will only include liquids for the first two to four weeks, and then will gradually move to pureed foods.  It will take a few months before you can introduce solid foods to your new stomach and you will have to learn to eat slower with smaller portions.  You will also need to learn not to eat and drink at the same time.

This may seem difficult, but when you have the procedure performed by the surgical team provided by Angeles Health, you will gain the support of a team of experts for the first year.  They will help you with your diet and will provide answers to any questions you may have.  This helps to ensure you stay on track and lose the right amount of weight over the first year.

Every time you go to get a fill done, you will need to adjust just a little bit and you may feel a little discomfort for a day or two.  This is completely normal and your body will bounce back faster after a few fills.  As long as you stick to the diet prescribed to you and you follow the instructions of your surgical team, your green zone lap band surgery recovery will go very smooth without taking a toll on your body.