As we all prepare to overindulge a little over the festive period, most of us plan to lose weight in the New Year. Shelves fill up with diet books and magazines, as we all search for that quick and easy diet that will make us slim in no time, with little effort.

Many serial dieters look to the celebrities to see which diet is trending. Most of us will lose weight on fad diets, only to put it back on again a week or so later.

You may not believe that some of these diets actually exist but the British Dietetic Association (BDA) have come up with their very own Top 5 List for 2012; the Top Five Worst Celebrity Diets. In comparison to these diets, weight loss surgery is much safer, more effective, with longer lasting results. Call today for a free consultation.

In at Number 5…… The 6 weeks to OMG Diet

This diet involves exercise in the morning after drinking only black coffee followed by an ice cold bath to boost the metabolism.  Continue fasting for up to 3 hours after exercising to encourage your body to continue burning fat. Ditch all carbs, including fruit.

What the BDA says Although there is some research to support the benefits of exercising on an empty stomach, a snack before exercising may help some people to keep going for longer before tiring, so it is best to do what you are comfortable with. The best time to exercise is the best time for you, one that you can best fit into your schedule.

Although it does take energy to warm your body up after being cold, the effect is short and relatively insignificant in calorie burning.

Research shows that eating a light meal within an hour of exercise optimizes your recovery, enabling you to exercise more often, and for longer.

The diet’s author claims that the body can’t tell between  a chocolate cake and an apple. Research shows that the body breaks down natural carbohydrates differently to processed ones, so fruit in moderation is fine, whereas chocolate cake should be an occasional treat.

Number 4…. the Alcorexia/Drunkorexia Diet

What does it Involve? Apparently a favorite among super models and students, in a nutshell this diet involves ‘saving’ all your calories on food so that you can binge drink on alcohol.

What the BDA says Not only does this diet deprive the body and brain of essential nutrients, but consuming large amounts of alcohol can be dangerous, and can result in permanent damage or alcohol poisoning.  Not only that, but eating little or no food so you can drink amore is likely to make you feel weak and tired, meaning that you won’t enjoy yourself anyway.

Read on for the numbers 3 and 2 in the Top 5 Worst Diets.