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What to expect from Gastric Banding Surgery

What Can I Expect From Gastric Banding Surgery?

Those considering lap band surgery should do their research and understand what this procedure will include.

The basic procedure includes putting a band around the upper part of the stomach with laparoscopic tools.  This silicone band will restrict the stomach and will only allow the stomach to hold about an ounce of food, at first.  By injecting saline into a device under the skin, the band can be tightened, and by removing it, the band can be loosened.

Since the lap band can be adjusted, the side effects are less severe and improved weight loss can be achieved must easier.  With the ability to carry out this surgery laproscopically, it isn’t nearly as invasive as other surgeries and the incisions are much smaller.  This will lessen the pain and allow for a shorter hospital stay compared to other surgeries.

With your new, smaller stomach and the changes you must make in your diet, you will experience sustainable weight loss.  This type of surgery is considered the second most popular out of all the weight-loss surgeries.  Lap band surgery comes along with an entire life change.  You will need to eat differently and it’s very important to understand what to expect from gastric band surgery before you finalize your decision.

Complications can happen with any type of surgery and with lap band surgery, you may experience some minor side effects or even major complications.  Any patient considering this type of surgery need to make sure they understand all the risks and possibilities.  Your weight-loss team can answer any questions about the risks of the surgery.

A smaller stomach means less food can be digested.  Your weight-loss team will set up a program to ensure you still get the nutrition you need with the new restrictions.  The diet will start with liquids and gradually move to pureed foods.  After your body has completely recovered you will be able to eat solid foods, but not in the portion sizes you currently consume.

This new way of life, can lead to a much improved quality of life, better health, and significant weight loss.  You will also be less likely to end up with diabetes or any other weight-related health issues.  If you are considering gastric band surgery, take the time to look at a few patient testimonials and read about how their experience was with a weight-loss surgery from Angeles Health in Mexico.